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Peter Stamatov and Anne Heyer attend Liberal and its Critics workshop in Göttingen

Header image of the publication titled Peter Stamatov and Anne Heyer attend Liberal and its Critics workshop in Göttingen

Lichtenberg-Kolleg Historic Observatory, where the workshop took place. Picture taken from University of Göttingen's website.

Jan 31, 2019

From January 31 to February 1, TRANSPOP’s main investigator Peter Stamatov and postdoctoral researcher Anne Heyer attended the Liberalism and Its Critics: National Identities and Institutions in Transition Workshop, which took place in the Lichtenberg-Kolleg’s Historic Observatory in Göttingen, Germany.

This workshop aimed to bring together scholars of history, sociology, political science, and law for a comparative exploration of the challenges that liberal institutions have faced in the recent years due to the increase of the nacionalist movements across Europe.

Stamatov and Heyer’s paper “The Polyphonic Origins of the Liberal-Democratic Order” was part of the third panel, “Democracy and Demonization”. They preseted two cases where normative elements of the current liberal democratic model originated by a-liberal concerns and motivations. The Anglo-American movement for the abolition of the colonial slave trade and slavery contributed to the liberal order of human rights by establishing a norm against treating human beings as commodity. The Anti-Revolutionary Party was the first instance of mass party in the Netherlands that institutionalized another element of the liberal order: expansive political participation. Paradoxically, however, in both cases such inherently conservative religious concerns led to the institutionalization of important elements of the liberal-democratic order.

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