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Peter Stamatov

Principal Investigator

Ph. D., University of California Los Angeles, 2006

Peter Stamatov is Distinguished Researcher and Santander Endowed Chair at the Carlos III-Juan March Institute for the Social Sciences in Madrid. He specializes in the sociology of global and transnational processes, comparative historical sociology and the sociology of culture and religion. His publications include the award-winning The Origins of Global Humanitarianism: Religion, Empires, and Advocacy (Cambridge University Press, 2015) as well as a series of scholarly articles on the theory of ethnicity and nationalism, the political implications of cultural production and consumption, the religious influences of popular mobilization on modern institutions, and the political aspects of humanitarian action. His current research examines the genesis of modern forms of popular politics and moral norms within the larger European and imperial context with a particular interest in the development of movements and policies for the abolition of slavery. In addition, he is studying the transformation of religious governance regimes in Western Europe since the early adoption of Christianity.

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Anne Heyer

Postdoctoral Researcher

Ph.D., Leiden University, 2019

Anne Heyer is a postdoctoral researcher for the TRANSPOP project. Her Ph.D. dissertation at the Institute for History at Leiden University studied the emergence of the first party organizations in Britain, Germany and the Netherlands from a transnational and comparative perspective. For TRANSPOP, Anne is working on tracing the changing perception of mass politics in a transnational European setting. In particular, she studies how concepts like the masses, people and community changed in the course of the nineteenth century in Germany, the Netherlands, Britain and Spain. She is interested in political organizations, democracy, populism, political legitimacy and nineteenth-century political history. Anne is also a research fellow at d|part, a German think tank investigating contemporary questions of political participation. Contact her at

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Picture of Sebastián Rojas Cabal

Sebastián Rojas Cabal

B.A., Social Research and Public Policy, New York University Abu Dhabi, 2017

Sebastián Rojas Cabal was a research assistant for the TRANSPOP project. Before joining TRANSPOP, he completed his B.A. in Social Research and Public Policy at NYUAD Abu Dhabi, where he wrote a thesis on the determinants of land conflict in southwest Colombia. As the project’s research assistant Sebastián was in charge of compiling, processing and analyzing nineteenth-century historical data from various European countries. He also wrote for the project’s blog, coordinated the speaker series, and participated in research design. He is interested in how ideas, norms and institutional models travel across countries and the consequences these movements have for local culture and politics.

Picture of Nino Cricco

Nino Cricco

B.A., Social Research and Public Policy, New York University Abu Dhabi, 2016

Nino Cricco was a research assistant for the TRANSPOP project. He received his B.A. in Social Research and Public Policy at NYU Abu Dhabi in May 2016. His undergraduate thesis examined peer pregnancies and attitudinal change in adolescent networks. As a research assistant for the project Nino prepared historical data from various European countries, conducted quantitative and qualitative analyses, and advised in research design. He is interested in social network analysis, cultural sociology, and collective action.

Picture of Damon Mayrl

Damon Mayrl

Ph.D., University of California, Berkeley, 2011

Damon Mayrl is Assistant Professor of Sociology at Colby College. His work uses comparative and historical methods to study the interplay of religion, politics, culture, and history. He is the author of Secular Conversions: Political Institutions and Religious Education in the United States and Australia, 1800-2000 (Cambridge University Press, 2016); and his writings on religion and politics, higher education, and the American state have appeared in numerous academic journals and edited volumes. His current research projects examine how symbolic conflicts affect the form and visibility of the American state; and the practice of historical methods in social scientific research. As a collaborator in the TRANSPOP project, Damon helped to coordinate the speaker series.

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